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Homeowner Advisory

Similar to an annual wellness physical, homeowners should consider an annual review of the financial elements of their home. It’s particularly valuable based on the fact that their home and its equity is generally one of their largest assets.

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  • List of similar properties recently sold and currently available
  • Information on challenging property tax assessment
  • Refinance Analysis to:
    • lower your rate
    • shorten the term
    • make improvements
    • eliminate mortgage insurance
    • remove a person from the loan
    • eliminate credit card debt
    • combine loans
    • take cash out of the equity
  • Equity Accelerator to retire the mortgage within a specific period of time
  • Repairmen and contractors recommendations
  • Information on rental property opportunities
I'll be happy to provide this information at no obligation as part of my on-going commitment to providing homeowner information, both in general and specifically, to my contacts. It is part of a long-term strategy whereby I hope to earn your loyalty and referrals when you do need my services to buy or sell.
Posted by Landa Pennington on February 15th, 2016 11:53 PM



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